6th Annual Conference. June 04, 2014. San Francisco

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It's impossible to truly articulate the depth of content, the intensity of conversations, and the spark of ideas. For those that missed out on the hundreds of hours of presentations and the research posters at past Cloud Slam events for 2012/2011/2010/2009, we provide all of the content here. You can also download the entire Cloud Slam 2012 Program Guide containing session abstracts, speaker bios, exhibiting company descriptions and more.

Developing a Competitive Cloud Portfolio - How, When and Where by Mark Skilton, Global Director, Cloud Strategy of Capgemini
Why DaaS (Desktops as a Service) is a pain in the aaS by Tal Klein, Senior Director of Products of Bromium
IOPS- Storage performance & bandwidth Calculator for Virtualized environments by Harry Sangha, Founder of CloudCreo LLC
Using RestComm To Scale Telecom Applications On The Cloud by Thomas Quintana, Director of Cloud Engineering of TeleStax, Inc.
How to Take Advantage of Private Cloud’s “Big Data” by Mike Wronski, VP Product Management of Reflex Systems
Data Storage, a Building Block for Innovation by Gleb Budman, Co-Founder and CEO of Backblaze Inc.
Cloud Based Mobile Workforce Strategies by Scott Burgess, Director of EMC
Gain Total Cloud Control by Anand Akela, Senior Principal Product Director of Oracle
Branching Processes Theory Application for Cloud Computing Demand Modeling Based on Traffic Prediction by Aleksandra Varfolomeeva, Victor Romanov and Andrey Koryakovskiy, Consultant of Russian Plekhanov
Predictive Monitoring of the Enterprise Cloud by Madhav Gopal, Director, Production Support of Comcast Converged Products
Why your sales reps are having trouble selling cloud. by Jeffrey Nessen, Chief Executive Officer of Progentus, LLC
Cloud Security and Governance Considerations by Michael Wojcik, Manager of Ernst & Young
Choosing the right cloud provider by Rich Casselberry, Director of IT infrastructure of Enterasys Networks
Accessing Internal Networks from the Cloud: A New Delivery Model by David Meltzer, Vice President of Engineering of nCircle
Big data in the cloud by Jared Rosoff, Director of Customer Engagement of 10gen


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