6th Annual Conference. June 04, 2014. San Francisco

Lessons Learned - The Journey from Virtualization to Cloud

Session Details

Date: June 4th 2014
Time: 15:05
Location: Nevada Room

Session Abstract

Most IT organizations are now heavily invested in virtualization, with the majority now on a journey to their “Cloud” – whether private, public or a hybrid combination.

While the journey can be complex, it is now a well-traveled path littered with both successes and failures that we can all learn from.

This session will leverage case studies and real world lessons gathered over the past eight years from working with 100’s of IT organizations (enterprises and service providers). The focus will be on representative journeys that others have taken including recommendations, common pitfalls and repeatable patterns for success.

Specific topics will include enabling IT-as-a-Service, self-service provisioning, multi-cloud management, showback vs. chargeback, controlling virtual sprawl and overcoming the inevitable friction points related to organizational change.


Jay Litkey, Founder & President, Embotics Corporation
A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience launching, financing and growing software companies, Jay Litkey has been a pioneer in emerging high growth markets that include cloud computing, virtualization, systems management automation, and Internet video. For more than a decade, Jay has been a virtualization evangelist and advocate, focusing on the strategic impacts of virtualization and automation within enterprise data centers. He is ITIL-certified and frequently spends his time serving as a trusted advisor for IT executives and speaking at industry events. Jay is the founder and President of Embotics Corporation, who recently won the Best of VMworld 2013 Gold Award for Public/Hybrid Cloud Computing Technologies.

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