6th Annual Conference. June 04, 2014. San Francisco

Architectural Strategies for Patterns of Interoperability

Session Details

Date: June 4th 2014
Time: 10:10
Location: Washington Room

Session Abstract

Enterprise adoption of Cloud Computing typically involves some form of hybrid Cloud interoperability between internal systems and public Cloud services. Patterns of interoperability generally fall into one of three hybrid models: Functional Distribution, Lifecycle Distribution, and Workload Distribution. In this session patterns for each of the three models are explored in terms of relevant Use Cases, typical Architectures, and strategies for Interoperability.


Scott Mattoon, Director Program Architecture, Salesforce.com
Took a grand tour of Silicon Valley starting in the 80's - Sun, NeXT, Cybersource, Oracle, a couple startups. Remember the ASP model? Been there. Led Sun's global COE for Cloud Computing. The scars have healed. Recently developed Cloud Computing architectures and strategies for Oracle's field. I'll bite my tongue. Just made the pilgrimage to Salesforce.com. Weee!

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