6th Annual Conference. June 04, 2014. San Francisco

Mission Precognition: Using Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Predict and Prevent Cyber Attacks

Session Details

Date: June 4th 2014
Time: 14:30
Location: Oregon Room

Session Abstract

The ever-increasing rise in cyber warfare attacks on our country’s defense, corporate, and ¬ financial systems, has given rise to the need for a better approach to cyber defense. The old reactive paradigm will no longer suffice to protect our strategic cyber assets.
In order to prevent catastrophic damage to our infrastructure, we need the ability to detect cyber attacks in real time and stop them before they complete. Traditional defenses such as firewalls and intrusion detections systems are not enough, we need a new generation of tools that can react as fast as, or even faster, than the automated tools used to attack our systems. These products and tools necessary to properly protect our mission-critical systems already exist today.
This session describes an architecture that leverages this new generation of tools to create a real-time proactive cyber defense system. A system that not only detects attacks as they are happening but uses predictive analyses to anticipate them and prevent them from succeeding.


Christopher Steel, Chief Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions
Mr. Steel is an accomplished software architect, author, speaker, and technologist. He has spent the last twenty years building complex enterprise systems using cutting edge technologies. Mr. Steel is adept at presenting architectural vision to senior executives and in driving innovation across corporate boundaries. He exhibits long term vision and is experienced in bringing that vision to life throughout all facets of the software development lifecycle. Mr. Steel is a thought leader in software architecture, patterns, and strategies for large, enterprise applications. He was the architect for one of government’s largest on-line transaction processing systems (http://www.pay.gov) and is the co-author of "Core Security Patterns". His interests include event driven architectures, visual analytics, complex event processing and digital dashboards as well coaching youth sports.

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